Fairfax Martial Arts for Children and Adults

Martial arts Classes

Kids' Martial Arts

We recognize that while self defense is very important, developing confidence, self-discipline, and mental focus can have a far more profound impact on kids life.
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Family Martial Arts

We are the only exclusively Family Martial Arts school in the Fairfax area. Every single class is a family class. There are two big reasons why we do this: the first is parents, the second is kids.
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School-Aged Programs

Before & After School

Our Before and After School care programs are centered around Classic Old-school fun and games with lots of physical activity and WIHTOUT electronics. Dodgeball, Freeze Tag, Sharks and Minnows, and soccer in the courtyard are among our kids favorites.
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Holiday Camps

At Focus Family we offer camp during the Summer, Winter and Spring! We also offer Day Camp for minor holidays and Fairfax County teacher work days and snow days. Keep your kids active and engaged ALL day!
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