Family Martial Arts

The only exclusively Family Martial Arts school in the Fairfax area.


Every single class is a family class. There are two big reasons why we do this: the first is parents, the second is kids.

Family Martial Arts classes are more than just having a class with all ages. It is an environment designed to create challenge at multiple ability levels and crafted for a fun, positive, and encouraging atmosphere perfect for learning and growing both physically and mentally.

As parents we mostly join class because we inherently know that doing things together helps us bond with our kids. And this provides a perfect opportunity. Family Karate classes also provide a chance to join with other like minded adults to improve ourselves both physically and mentally. Wouldn’t you like to have more stamina? What about better sleep? Would you like to know how to REALLY protect yourself or your kids if need be? What about having fun? Many of us are so busy that making it to the gym seem like a luxury, but what about joining a class with your kid, with the side benefit of built in exercise, self defense instruction, and better mental focus? Seems like a no-brainer...and if you have two or more kids in classes, what if you joining them was FREE?

The most powerful examples of how amazing our family classes are come directly from our students. Take a moment and here from them in their own words their experience taking Martial Arts at Focus family with their kids.

The second reason to enroll in Family classes with you your kids. As parents, we are the most powerful influence in our kids lives. And as we all know..kid’s don’t always do what we tell them, but they do what we do. And taking Martial Arts with your kids allows us to put ourselves in a position for our children to see us trying our best with new concepts, working hard, practicing, and improving ourselves both physically and mentally. That is such a powerful example. As parents it is our job to set the example of handling challenges with determination, self-discipline, focus, confidence, and a positive attitude. Whether that challenge is a new Martial Arts move, or how to handle a difficult situation with humility and respect...our kids are watching us.

Your example is far more impactful on your child than any coach or instructor could ever be.

Beyond the physical training, positive learning atmosphere, and family growth opportunities, we also instruct in life and leadership skills; teaching kids how to show honor, respect, courage, determination, kindness, and excellence. These life and leadership skills are a huge part of the culture of Focus Family and we are excited to share those with you and your child.

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